E-glass Fiber Glass Woven Roving

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Heat-resistant Glass fiber Woven Roving  is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins. It’s widely used in hand lay up, mold press, GRP forming process and robot processes to manufacture boats, vessels, plane, automobile parts, panels, storage tanks .
Except for normal specifications,Special specification can be customized.

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Product specification

Item Tex Count of cloth(root/cm) Unit area mass(g/m) Breaking strength(N) Width(mm)
Wrap yarn Weft yarn Wrap yarn Weft yarn Wrap yarn Weft yarn
EWR200 180 180 6.0 5.0 200±15 1300 1100 30-3000
EWR300 300 300 5.0 4.0 300±15 1800 1700 30-3000
EWR400 576 576 3.6 3.2 400±20 2500 2200 30-3000
EWR500 900 900 2.9 2.7 500±25 3000 2750 30-3000
EWR600 1200 1200 2.6 2.5 600±30 4000 3850 30-3000
EWR800 2400 2400 1.8 1.8 800±40 4600 4400 30-3000

Product Features

1.Warp and weft roving aligned in a parallel and flat manner, resulting in uniform tension.
2.2. Densely aligned fibers, resulting in high dimensional stability and making handing easy.
3.3. Good mold ability, fast and complete wet in resins, resulting in high productivity.
4.4. Good transparency and high strength of composite products

Fiberglass Woven Roving (1)
Fiberglass Woven Roving (2)
Fiberglass Woven Roving (3)

Product Usage

Main application:automotive, vessels, gratings, bathtub, FRP composite, tanks, waterproof,reinforcement,insulation,spraying,spraygun,mat,gmt,boat,csm,frp,panel,car body,knitting,chopped strand,pipe,gypsum mold,boat hulls,wind energy,wind blades,fiberglass boat hulls,boats fiberglass,fiberglass pools,fiberglass fish tank,fiberglass fishing boat,fiberglass molds,fiberglass rods,fiberglass swimming pool,fiberglass boats molds, fiberglass pool,fiberglass chopper gun,fiberglass spray gun, fiberglass water tank,fiberglass pressure vessel,fiberglass poles,fiberglass fish pond,fiberglass resin,fiberglass car body,fiberglass panels,fiberglass ladder,fiberglass insulation,fiberglass dinghy,fiberglass car roof top tent,fiberglass statue,fiberglass grating,fiberglass rebar,glass fiber reinforced concrete,fiber glass swimming pooland etc


Woven roving could be produced into different widths,each roll is wound on a suitable cardboard tubes with inside diameter of 100mm,then put into a polythylene bag,fastened the bag entrance and packed into a suitable cardboard box.Upon to customer's request,this product could be shipped either with carton packaging only or with packaging,In pallet packaging,the products could be horizontally put on the pallets and fastened with packing straps and shrink film.
Shipping: by sea or by air
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receive the advance payment

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