Fiberglass Self adhesive tape

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Fiberglass self-adhesive tape is made of fiberglass mesh as the base material and compounded by self-adhesive emulsion. The product is self-adhesive, superior in conformability, and strong in space stability. It is an ideal material for the construction industry to prevent cracks in walls and ceilings.
The glass fiber chemical properties of stable and not easily oxidized, for wall renovation, decoration, wall cracks, holes and drywall. Can also be glued gypsum board, cement and other building materials to completely prevent the cracks in the walls and corners. At the same time, it can be used together, make the architectural decoration installation easier.

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Product Features

1. Fiberglass tape has the characteristics of fireproof, moisture-proof, mildewproof, no cracks, bubbles and so on.
2. Stable product attributes
3. Weight light
4. High strength and high quality
5. Good alkali resistance
6. Anti-corrosion
7. Excellent crack resistance
8. Waterproof & fireproof

Product Specifications

Material: E-glass or C-glass
Stickness:Standard export quality;high stickness;Super high stickness
Color: white(standard), custom color
Weight: 60g/sqm,65g/sqm,and 75g/sqm,up to 160g/m2
Width: 35mm, 48mm, 50mm,100mm, up to 1220mm
Mesh size: 8*8/inch and 9*9/inch
Length available: Usually 20m, 40m, 90m, 150m
Width available: Usually 48mm, 50mm, 100m

Product Usage

1. Fiberglass tape has the characteristics of fire resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, and no cracks. It can be used for gypsum board reinforcement, gypsum joints, drywall cracks and holes repair, etc.
2. Connect gypsum board, particle board, hard board and other boards.
3. For continuous reinforcement of walls and ceilings, etc.
4. It is used for bonding between door and window frames and walls.
5. For the dimensions of cracks, corners and joints on concrete and plaster surfaces, etc.


According to fiberglass self-adhesive tape size ,plastic film, then
packaged in carton.
shipment: by sea or by air
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receive the advance payment

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