Good Molding Fiberglass Multiaxial Fabric

Short Description:

E-glass fiberglass multiaxial fabrics are made of e-glass direct rovings, arranged in parallel at 0°, 90°, +45°, -45°, each layer is usually oriented in one of four directions,
E-glass fiberglass multiaxial includes uniaxial, biaxial, triaxial and quadriaxial fabrics, with entire partial warp, weft and double diagonal layers stitched into a single fabric.
Untwisted roving has no filament crimp, and multiaxial fabric has the advantages of high strength, good stiffness, light weight, light thickness, and good fabric surface quality.
The fabric can also be used in combination with chopped strand mat or tissue or nonwoven material.
The most commonly used multi-axial fabrics are glass fiber warp-knitted multi-axial reinforcing materials. The multi-axial fabrics are better than other traditional fabrics in various indicators, especially the tensile strength, elastic modulus, unit weight load, unit weight Technical indicators such as stiffness are more than 25% higher

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Product Features

1. Adjustable mechanical properties in different directions, adjustable mechanical properties in all directions
2. The multi-layer structure can simplify the molding process and improve the production efficiency.
3. Fast wetting, good formability, easy to eliminate air bubbles.

Product Usage

Bias ( 0/90°) fabric is stitched with direct roving in 0°and 90°direction. The area weight can be 300g/m²~1800g/ m². Bias Mat is made by combining the chopped strands (50g-600g) onto the surface of bias fabric. The product is with even thickness, fast wet-out and better reinforcement.
It is mainly applied to the engine room casing, wind deflector, boat, auto frame and pultrusion profiles.
It’s compatible with UP,Vinyl Ester and Epoxy etc,used in GRP pultrusion process,hand lay-up process and RTM process etc,out-made products include GRP boats,automobile parts,wind energry blades etc.

Packaging Details

Each roll is packed in a polyethylene bag inside, then outside with a cardboard box,then on pallet(16boxes vertically on the pallet)
Packaging Details:50kg/roll,cartons,pallet.
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receive the advance payment

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