Good Toughness Fiberglass panel Roving

Short Description:

Panel roving is designed to be used in continuous FRP transparent panel production. E-glass fiber plied untwisted roving for transparent sheet, coated with silane-based sizing agent, suitable for unsaturated polyester resin and acrylic resin.
It has good compatibility with resin.The finished product offers light weight, high strength, good toughness , excellent transparency.
with good choppability and dispersibility, and can be quickly and thoroughly penetrated into the resin.

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Product Features

1. Good fiber dispersion and good cutting performance
2. Low static, low fluff
3. Good process performance, less fluff, quick wetting and complete wetting
4. Uniform tension and good fluidity during molding.
5. The product has high mechanical strength.
6. Compatible with a variety of resin systems


Typical linear density (tex): 2400
Product features: excellent chopped dispersion; good antistatic; good permeability; good resin refractive index matching; excellent product strength
Applicable resin: unsaturated polyester
Typical Applications: Clear Sheets and Clear Sheet Felts

Typical linear density (tex): 2400
Product features: very fast penetration, no white silk, high transparency
Applicable resin: unsaturated polyester, acrylic resin
Typical application: FRP sheet with strict transparency requirements

Typical linear density (tex): 2400
Product features: low static electricity, fast soaking, no white silk
Applicable resin: unsaturated polyester
Typical application: general purpose transparent FRP sheet

Product Usage

The roving is coated with silane-based sizing compatible with polyester and acrylic resins. It performances well in transparent, translucent and opaque FRP panel applications.
Other applications: Coated substrates, structural supports, sprayed concrete, electronics and documentation, fire protection, hull structural materials, aircraft models, etc.
Each rolls is approximately 18KG, 48/64 rolls a pallet, 48 rolls are 3 floors and 64 rolls are 4 floors. The 20-foot container weight about 22 tons.
Shipping: by sea or by air
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receive the advance payment

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