High quality Fiberglass Gypsum Roving

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Fiberglass gypsum roving (untwisted roving or high-strength fiberglass yarn). The product is made up of parallel strands or parallel monofilaments. It is compatible with unsaturated polyester resin polyester, vinyl ester resin and epoxy resins etc.Except for normal specificationsAfter drying, 40~60 strands of monofilaments are untwisted and plied by the spinning machine,Special specification can be customized.

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Product Features

1.consistent roving density with high rocing tensile strength
2.rapid impregnating and good compatibility with resin
3.product offers good mechanical properties
4.Excellent dispersibility, clustering, and dividing. Low static electricity, low dander content, good banding, flat band shape;
5.The untwisted roving has good disintegration property, and does not fall out of the loop when receding from the bobbin, and does not form a “bird’s nest”-like messy filament;
6.Good temperature resistance, extremely low chromatic aberration, uniform tension, no drape phenomenon;
7.Using a proprietary sizing agent, the chopped fiber and the matrix resin have good compatibility. The untwisted roving has good permeability,  and has good interface performance with the matrix resin.

Product Usage

(1) It is used for the reinforcement of gypsum decorative products, such as: gypsum board, gypsum line, gypsum sculpture, etc. The gypsum reinforced yarn can make the above products stronger and easier to construct. It has the advantages of high strength, fire resistance, sound insulation and light weight.

(2) It is used in some composite material forming methods, such as winding and pultrusion, because of its uniform tension, it can also be woven into roving fabrics, and in some applications, the rovings will be further chopped.

(3) It is used for special staple fibers for cable sheath and sheath, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, kiln covers, glass fiber reinforced cement, European decorative components and gypsum board isosceles triangle reinforced short fibers, and various reinforcing fibers in asbestos tiles.

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Each rolls is approximately 18KG, 48/64 rolls a pallet, 48 rolls are 3 floors and 64 rolls are 4 floors. The 20-foot container weight about 22 tons.
Shipping: by sea or by air
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receive the advance payment

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