fiberglass chopped strands for concrete

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Fiberglass Chopped Strand was treated by silane coupling agent, which makes it has excellent dispersity and composition with other inorganic materials.It is the main raw material for Gypsum Board, Concrete Reinforcement, Cement Reinforcement and other Concrete/Gypsum Products.
Glass Fibre Chopped Strand for concrete is main role is to reduce the melting point of the glass. However, the higher the content of alkali metal oxide in glass,it can be also used for construction, appliance,electrical industries and as base material for thermal insulation material,BMC material,insulating panel for storage battery and reinforced gypsum .

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CS Glass Type Chopped Length(mm) Diameter(um) MOL(%)
CS3 E-glass 3 7-13 10-20±0.2
CS4.5 E-glass 4.5 7-13 10-20±0.2
CS6 E-glass 6 7-13 10-20±0.2
CS9 E-glass 9 7-13 10-20±0.2
CS12 E-glass 12 7-13 10-20±0.2
CS25 E-glass 25 7-13 10-20±0.2

Product Features

To prevent crack of GRC components
Good Integrity and no static electricity
Low Fuzz
Excellent integrated with cement
Good filament flexible and magnificent strands distribution cement
Endued good physical and chemical properties for GRC
Disperse Fast
Low Dosages

Product Usage

construction waterproofing, base material for plastic flooring, thermal insulation material, FRP surfacing tissue, insulating panel for storage battery, air filter-pad material and reinforced gypsum.
Mix your resin and hardener, or catalyst
It is best to use a paint mixer on your power drill to ensure that all of the strands are properly saturated Thick layers and large pour areas can create excessive heat, so proceed with caution.


1. E-Glass Chopped Strands for pp/pa/pbt are packaged in kraft bags or woven bags, good moisture resistance about 25kg per bag, 4 bags per layer, 8 layers per pallet and 32 bags per pallet, each pallet is packed by multilayer shrink film and packing band.
2. One ton and one bag.
3.Can be customized with logo or 1kg small bag.

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