• High Strong Intensity Fiberglass Tissue Mat

    High Strong Intensity Fiberglass Tissue Mat

    Our glass fiber tissue made from E/ECR/C glass can be classified as surface tissue for pipe,roof tissue,pipe Tissue,Floor tissue,carpet tissue,Battery separator tissue, Coated tissue for gypsum sheathing and Coated Tissue For Polyurethane Foam.Product unit weight is of 20-120g/m2,Width of 45mm and 50mmor others,Maximum Width is 1 meter.
    Our products can be used in the process of continuous winding,Hand lay up and pultrusion. Surfacing veil is mainly used in the surfaced layer of FRP products it is divided into winding S-SM series and hand lay-up S-HM series.
    S-SM are mainly used on pipe and tank winding process. It can improve the product surface property on corrosion resistance,compressive strength,seepage resistance,and longer service life.
    T-HM is chiefly used in the product with complicated geometric curve it has the advantages of good pattern fitness,quick resin permeation; it can raise the intensity and corrosion resistance of products.

  • High cost performance Fiberglass Stitch Mat

    High cost performance Fiberglass Stitch Mat

    Fiberglass stitched mats are composed of two or more layers of fiberglass rovings, which are stitched, with high fiber arrangement density, easy to deform, easy to operate, and good formability. line density. Can be combined with polyester resin, vinyl resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, etc. Roving specifications, roving layers, felt width, roll diameter can be customized according to requirements.

  • High Tensile Strength Fiberglass Needle Mat

    High Tensile Strength Fiberglass Needle Mat

    Fiberglass needle mat is a kind of rational structure,good performance material,with glass fiber as raw material,after needling and carding the short cutting glass fiber,mat different thickness with mechanical method between layers of glass fiber.
    It mainly contains siliceous alumina and calcium oxide. Has excellent quality on heat insulation efficiency, obdurability, fireproofing, non-corrosiveness.It’s widely used in electrical equipment heat preservation ,heat insulation, automotive exhaust treatment,etc.
    Specially excellent in electrical insulation. Fiberglass needled mat needled by e-glass. The resulting product has large number of minute air spaces and excellent sound absorption.

  • High Quality Fiberglass Combo Mat

    High Quality Fiberglass Combo Mat

    Fiberglass Combo Mat are made up of woven rovings and chopped glass fiber strands, which are then sewn together with polyester yarn. It is compatible with polyester, vinyl and epoxy resin and is widely used in shipbuilding, auto parts, refrigeration tools and structural profile industries, etc. It is also suitable for hand lay-up, RTM, pultrusion, and vacuum processes.

  • Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat

    Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat

    Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat is a kind of reinforcing that made from continuous fiberglass strand, which is chopped into a certain length, distributed in a random and non-directional position and bonded with binders.
    It is suitable for hand lay-up, mold press, filament winding and mechanical forming etc.