Premium E-Glass Fiber Glass Yarn

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Fast delivery heat resistant fiberglass yarn  is widely used for weaving all kinds of fabrics in the scope of reinforcement, insulation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and so on.
High strength alkali free fiber glass yarn for weaving is characterized by its high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and low moisture absorption properties.We can supply different directions of twist, plies and linear density yarns with different shaped bobbins and roll weight including milk bottle shaped plastic bobbins, large paper bobbins and small paper bobbins.

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Type Glass Filament Diameter Type in U.S.A. Twist Degree
EC9-33×1×2 E 9um ECG 150 1/2 S65
EC9-33×1×3 E 9um ECG 150 1/3 S65
EC9-33×2×3 E 9um ECG 150 2/3 S110
EC9-68×1×0 E 9um ECG 75 1/0 Z28-35
EC9-68×1×2 E 9um ECG 75 1/2 S28-110
EC9-136×1×0 E 9um ECG 37 1/0 Z28-35
EC9-136×1×2 E 9um ECG 37 1/0 S28-110
EC5.5-12×1×0 E 5.5um ECD 450 1/0 S40
EC5.5-12×1×2 E 5.5um ECD 450 1/2 S40
CC9-33×1×2 C 9um CCG 150 1/2 S28-100
CC9-33×2×2 C 9um CCG 150 2/2 S28-100

Product Features

1. Fiber glass filament yarn uses glass yarn ball as the raw material
2. It has the properties of insulation, fireproof and softness
3. It is a necessary raw material of all kinds of fireproof and insulation products
4. Specifications: 33tex, 68tex, 150tex, 300tex
5. Twists and diameters of filament depend on customers’ requirements
6. Special specifications depend on customers’ requirements

Product Usage

Fiber glass yarn is electrical insulation materials, electronic industrial fabrics, tubes and other industrial fabric raw materials. It is widely used for circuit board,weaving all kinds of fabrics in the scope of reinforcement, insulation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and so on.

Fiberglass yarn (3)


Each bobbin in polybag then into carton, the size of carton is 470x370x255mm. and there are partition and subplate for preventing damages to our products during transportation. Or according to customers’ demands.
Packaging Details:0.5-3.5kg/bobbin in PVC shrink bag, Packed on pallet
Shipping: by sea or by air
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receive the advance payment

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