High quality Carbon Fiber Cloth

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Carbon Fiber Cloth is made of carbon fiber by woven unidirectional, plain weaving or twill weaving style.  The Carbon Fibers we use contain high strength -to -weight and stiffness -to -weight ratios, carbon fabrics are thermally and electrically conductive and exhibit excellent fatigue resistance. When properly engineered, carbon fabric composites can achieve the strength and stiffness of metals at significant weight savings.  Carbon Fabrics are compatible with various resin systems in clouding epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins.We choose carbon, Aramid, S glass fiber… as raw materials.It is weaved by 1k3k6k12k24k carbon fiber,weave pattern including plain,twill,satin.And use woven and knitting machine to produce carbon fiber fabric and multiaxial fabric. It is ideal for applications such as wind blades, aerospace,auto parts,sports equipment,building reinforcements、 marine panel, sport & leisure products, truck and trailer panels and so on.

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Product specification

Material: 12K carbon fiber
Wide: 20cm
Thickness: 0.167mm
Weight:  300g/m2
Type: 1k, 1.5k, 3k, 6k, 12k, 24k

Product Features

1. High tensile strength and ray penetration
2. Good surface, ex-factory price
3. Good wear and corrosion resistance
4. Light weight, easy to construct
5. Wide temperature range, good thermal insulation
6. High conductivity

Product Usage

Fixed shape stable carbon fiber fabric
On the basis of the raw materials, the heat treatment method is used to make the carbon fiber keep its original shape. In this way, the carbon fiber will not deform during use.
It is still very soft and the features all remained including high strength,high modulus, fire proof, workability,flexibility and so on
It is weaved by 1k\3k\6k\12k\24k carbon fiber,weave pattern including plain,twill,satin.
Its application mainly including aerospace,auto parts,sports equipment,building reinforcements,decorations,Fiberglass bar , hats ,aerospace,auto parts,kitchenware,sports equipment,building reinforcements,decorations, etc.

Package Type

Carbon fiber fabric are packed in carton boxes or as customers’ request.

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